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Become A Distributor and Receive Product at Wholesale Pricing.

Take Charge of your Financial Future.

Congratulations on your consideration to become an Zrii Independent Distributor. As a Zrii Distributor you will receive Zrii products at wholesale pricing! You will also be authorized to sell Zrii products and enroll prospects as either Preferred Customers or Distributors. You can then build a business making commissions from the purchases and sales of your enrollees (See the Prosperity Plan below for details.) You will be joining an international, debt free wellness and nutritional company that is experiencing explosive growth! Your business can be as big or small as you make it, depending on how much time you want to put in to it. Zrii will offer you the tools necessary to build your business. And as part of The Zrii Life Team, we will be here to help you grow your business. You will not only be securing your financial future, but you will be helping to spread health and wellness to everyone you meet. Zrii products are simply amazing and have been producing startling results. They are all natural and are formulated using the 5,000 year old wisdom of Ayurveda. And, they are the only third party product line ever to the receive the glowing endorsement of the world renowned Chopra Center for Wellbeing. "The Chopra Center for Wellbeing endorses Zrii as a high quality, reliable formulation of the rejuvenative fruit Amalaki (Emblica officinalis). Over 100 scientific studies suggest that this fruit, which has been held in high esteem by Ayurvedic doctors for millennia, has measurable health benefits. The Chopra Center has been encouraging a daily dose of Amalaki for over a decade. Zrii provides a balanced, pleasing, and concentrated source of this nutritive food.

What is Deepak Chopra's involvement in Zrii?

Deepak Chopra M.D. has known Bill Farley, Zrii's CEO, for many years. Dr. Chopra and Dr. Simon, The Chopra Center co-founders, introduced Bill to Amalaki and Ayurveda. At that point, Bill and his team worked with the Chopra Center to develop Zrii, the original Amalaki liquid nutritional drink. The Chopra Center has continued to work with Zrii to formulate Achieve, Accell, and their newest product Purify.    

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing endorses Zrii and has added it to their line of Ayurvedic lifestyle products. Recognizing the quality and integrity of Zrii products, we believe that they are an important addition to the Chopra Center's lifestyle offerings. With the Chopra Center providing training, knowledge, and guidance, Zrii intends to be a transformational force in this industry. We believe that the Zrii distributor network will be a powerful vehicle to share the principals of Ayurveda and the products that support the foundation of healthy balanced living with the world.

What is the business opportunity that Zrii offers?

Zrii gives people the possibility to supplement their income or have financial freedom. Each person can choose to build a part- or full- time Zrii business. People who choose to build a business with Zrii are independent contractors, which means that they legitimately own their own businesses. Distributor compensation plans should be rewarding at all levels from the beginner to the seasoned network marketer. Zrii uses the power of binary compensation coupled with distributor incentives all along the way, making success not only achievable but personally rewarding. We've combined nine of the very best elements in pay plans and designed a compensation plan the way we think a plan should be providing you a business opportunity unmatched in the network marketing industry.

1. Retail Bonus: enroll Preferred Customers (PCs) and receive a bonus on their every purchase.
2. Enroller Retail Bonus: earn a bonus based on a percentage of initial product sales.
3. Rising Star Pool: generate volume from new IEs and PCs and earn up to 3% of total market CV.
4. Pacesetter Bonus: create a sense of urgency by earning an extra $100 for reaching 1 Star, $300 for 2 Star, and $600 for 3 Star in the first full month after enrollment.
5. Team Commissions: earn 10% of your pay leg Organizational Volume (OV).
6. Matching Bonus: match up to 5 generations dynamically compressed of your IEs and their down-line.
7. Leadership Pool: share in 1% of the entire company's total global commissionable sales.
8. Achievement Bonus: maintain your personal achievements and earn one-time bonuses as you advance through the ranks of the Prosperity Plan.
9. Premium Executive Rewards: earn multiple bonuses upon reaching the Plan's premium levels

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David Travis is an Independent Executive with Zrii, a brand new liquid nutritional that has been endorsed by the Chopra Center for Wellness. The primary ingredient is the amalaki fruit, and the formulation is based on ancient Ayurvedic medical principles.

A Quick Story

Bill Farley, a successful businessman, asked doctors of integrated medicine and Ayurveda what one food should someone take daily to improve their overall health. Amalaki was the answer. In the ancient Ayurveda medical tradition, amalaki is considered the most nutritious food known to man. Bill then assembled a world-class formulation a team of Ayurvedic physicians, Western medical doctors, and biochemists, with the Chopra Center for Wellness, and challenged them to create a liquid nutritional that contained the amalaki fruit at its greatest potency, and tasted great! They formulated Zrii, the first-to-market liquid nutritional supplement that combines centuries of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Traditional Chinese Medicine, with modern science.
Bill Farley then assembled a world-class formulation a team of Ayurvedic physicians, Western medical doctors, and biochemists, with the Chopra Center for Wellness, and challenged them to create a liquid nutritional that contained the amalaki fruit at its greatest potency, and tasted great! They formulated Zrii, the first-to-market liquid nutritional supplement that combines centuries of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Traditional Chinese Medicine, with modern science.

What Is In Zrii and What Are The Benefits?
The formulation includes selected ingredients that complement and maximize each other’s potential effects. Together, these ingredients comprise an all-natural, nutrient-rich and delicious solution to those seeking a new level of health and vitality.
1. Amalaki. The “Great Rejuvenator”, powerful antioxidants, amino acids, etc.
2. Turmeric. Enhances circulation and digestion; noted anti-inflammatory effects
3. Tulsi. Supports healthy digestion and intestinal health
4. Schizandra. Promotes mental function and memory
5. Jujube. Possesses calmative properties
6. Haritaki. Provides antimicrobial protection
7. Ginger. Supports healthy digestion, absorption and assimilation
8. Fruit Juices. Cranberry, Raspberry, Grape, Pear, Pomegranate, Lime for taste
This formulation is a synergistic blend of Ayurveda botanicals to support the amalaki and drive it deeper into our bodies systems on a cellular level for better absorption. Zrii creates holistic changes within the body for self-healing, to find the ideal state of balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.
Benefits include anti-aging properties, improved digestion, stronger immune system, stress reduction, cellular detoxification, deeper sleep patterns, and increased vitality. Testimonies from users I know include elimination of joint pain, no hay fever symptoms, reduced enlarged prostate, and greater energy level. I have been using Zrii since May, 2008, during that time I went to my annual 8 day Kundalini Yoga event in New Mexico. It greatly heightened my spiritual practice, the experience was deeper, clearer than ever before.

Why I Distribute Zrii

1. Zrii is an amazing product! I used the beverage and really liked the taste, how it made me feel, that it was easy to add to my daily routine (3 to 6 oz.), and knowing this is the best nutritional supplement I could take to improve my health. The Ayurvedic medical tradition aligns exactly with my conscious lifestyle and spiritual practice.

2. The Chopra Center for Wellness endorses this Ayurvedic nutritional. Zrii is the first and only product they have ever endorsed. The Chopra Center was deeply involved in the formulation process of Zrii.

3. Bill Farley is the CEO of Zrii. His reputation in corporate America is iconic, he has experienced remarkable success in his business ventures. Zrii is his passion. He has assembled a team of executives to lead this company to record growth. This is a first class company with an abundance of integrity, 10% of company profits go to Children based charities.

4. The Prosperity Plan is a brilliant design, structured to create income immediately, and the ability to build a distribution organization which can produce unlimited residual income. This is the most generous compensation plan in the network marketing industry. The plan includes a Unilevel Royalty Bonus that goes 9 levels into your organization with many extra bonuses.

5. Team approach to create win/win/win for all involved. By enrolling as an Independent Executive, I have the support, training, and enthusiasm of the Zrii office, my enroller and his upline supporters. Everyone is working together to create a successful organization. These are great people who have integrity, drive, and a passion to change lives. Zrii has state-of-the-art computer software to help you manage your prospects and team of distributors.

6. The timing is perfect! This is a new company with experienced leaders, a unique and exciting product, with an endorsement from the Chopra Center. Success magazine predicts Zrii will be a billion dollar company in 4 years. This company is going to be BIG! Some distributors are already earning $50,000 a month. This is the opportunity to create the life you dreamed of living and to give this gift to others.

Some Important Points

  • You are not selling Zrii, you are distributing Zrii to other users just like you. You are offering them a Gift of Health and Prosperity. There is no required inventory, deliveries, retail outlets or sales quotas. Continue in your daily routine and tell people you see what great things are happening in your life. This is great fun.

Network Marketing is the best future for home base entrepreneurs. You select the people you work with, you determine how much time and energy you want to commit, residual income produces when you are not working, and you control your financial independence. No Boundaries, No Limits.

  • Fortune Magazine said – “Network Marketing is the best kept secret in the business world, an investors dream.” And “fastest growing industry is direct selling, an industry with steady annual growth, healthy cash flow, high return on invested capital, and long term prospects for global expansion.”

Join my Zrii Team. I am looking for people who have a burning desire to change their lives and serve others this gift of health and prosperity. If you have enthusiasm, integrity, and are authentic in your passion for change, we can create amazing changes together.
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